Available Workshops

In general, my workshops are 3 hours long. Yet, I’m always happy to adjust the length and content to your needs and interests. At your yoga studio or music space.

"Yoga For Beginners"  introduction to Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, relaxation and Yogic philosophy

"The Basics of Meditation"  introduction to a regular meditation practice. Increase focus, relaxation and peace of mind

"The Yoga of Sound"  introduction to Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Divine Vibration through music. Raga, Tala, chanting

"Anatomy Of The Breath"  some theory, but mostly practical approach to proper breathing techniques. Relaxation

"Functional Anatomy for Yoga"  understanding how one's unique skeletal variations influence our  personal Hatha Yoga practice

“Discovering Yin Yoga” Introduction to yin yoga. Theory and practice.

"The Inner Saxophone"  Yogic principles for wind instrumentalists. Proper breathing, sound production, technique, focus, relaxation, proper posture, improvisation

"Listening And Connecting - Music Ensemble Playing"  improve your listening and ensemble playing skills (for bands only)