Ramdas and Eknath recording…

Ramdas and Eknath recording…

Updated 3 July 2019

The recording and mixing of “After The Rain”, the John Coltrane project with guitarist/sound engineer Peter Hertmans, is coming along nicely. Planned release date, this fall?

We also recorded 80 minutes of meditative music in duo with the wonderful saxophonist, sound creator, and yogi Mathieu “Ramdas” Robert. Two saxophones (soprano and tenor), Tibetan singing bowls, shruti box, bells, rattles, etc... A real pleasure to play together with this sensitive brother. Planning to add a few other sessions in August before release this fall.

My daughter Naala graduated Cum Laude from the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, The Netherlands (Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in English Literature). It’s been quite a journey. She will be moving to London in October to study Screenwriting at the MET Film School for her Master’s Degree.

My son Idris just finished his exams in high school (11th grade). His talents flourish better in a different environment. A true free spirit. The traditional educational system is way outdated for him. I love our weekly get-togethers. Deep talks on spirituality, music, life, love, friends, and basket ball.

I moved (again…) to a greener zone just outside of Brussels. Planning to stay here for a year. It’s quiet here, great for meditation and music practice :-)

I’ve recently signed up for a Shinyin Roku (Forest Bathing) Guide Training next September, organised by my dear friend and yogini Ilse Simoens (Academie voor Helende Natuur). I love being in the woods, walking barefoot, listening, breathing, sitting in silence… Questions are answered in the midst of the trees, solutions found. Looking forward to offering forest baths soon…

The week after I’ll lead my Yoga Holiday in Beautiful Spain. From 22 to 27 September 2019, we’ll spend time in the magnificence of the Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema (a Unesco Biosphere reserve since 1977) in Andalucia. Early Bird pricing runs till 22 July. How about it? are you joining me…?

If you have questions or want to share something, reach out! I love hearing from you.

Eknath Erwin Vann