Erwin Vann - Complete Discography

UNDER CONSTRUCTION... this is my complete discography (I think), ordered by release dates


“Dreamer” Erwin Vann (as a leader, soloist, composer / self-produced)

“En allant chez Aline” YUL - with Pierre Tanguay, Michel Mergaerts, Erwin Vann (as a soloist, composer, co-leader / self-produced)

“Some Time” Wout Gooris Trio & Hayden Chisholm/Erwin Vann (as a soloist / self-produced)


“On” Udo Pannekeet (as a soloist)


"La Boucle" Marco Loccurcio (Jatitude Records)

“Zauberschwein Im Krankenhaus” Fremdkunst (Fremdtunes)


as soloist / composer

« Used Future » OptiMace (Fremdtunes)

« Nos Enfants » YUL (Malasartes Musique)

« This Music Is Not Music » OptiMace (Fremdtunes)


as soloist

“Thin Air” Jeroen Van Vliet & Sikeda (Challenge Jazz)

“Undiscovered Country” Lindsey Horner

as soloist / composer

« Fremdtunes : The Series 1 » DJ Mace (Fremdtunes)

« Invasion Of The Lettermen » Mashville & Optimace (Fremdtunes – Limited Edition)


as soloist

« Views of Xela » Allexandre Furnelle Orchestra (Mogno)

«The Divine Cockeyed Glimpse» EW’s QXTD (EWM)

as soloist/arranger

«2nd Line» Moiano (On The Moon Records)


as a soloist/arranger

“The Runner” Lalalover (OnTheOneRecords)


as co-leader, composer

« Departure » YUL (Malasartes Musique)

as soloist

« Second Opinion » Fremdkunst (Zarathustra Produkties)

« Venus » VENUS (Bang !Music)


as co-leader, composer

« Stone Sculpture » Hertmans – Vann (Mogno) feat. Billy Hart & Nicolas Thys

as solist, componist

« A Lot Of Love » Reggie Washington (JamminColors)


as a leader

“ Let’s Call Ed“ Erwin Vann (HornPlayer)

as a soloist/arranger

“Heliotropic” Lalalover (OnTheOneRecords)


as a soloist/arranger

« Soulschool » Moiano (On The Moon Records)

« 25/8 » Krewcial (BBE Records)


as soloist

« … » David Laborier Trio (Labojazz)

« Capricorn » SAYMA (Sayma Productions)

as co-leader, composer

“Dufay” Dufay (ScribaNetStudio)


as a soloist

"Rush Hour" Eric vd Westen's Quadrant (EWM)


as a soloist/composer

“It Is What It Is - feat. Norma Winstone” Eric v.d. Westen's Quadrant(EWM)

as a soloist

“Invisible Sun” Aka Moon + guests (Carbon 7)

“Me,Myself and I: Looking At The Music Of Charles Mingus” Eric vd Westen’s Quadrant Extended (EWM)


as a leader, composer, arranger

“Worlds” Erwin Vann feat. K.Wheeler & N.Winstone (J.A.S.Records)

as a sideman

“Naala & Other Songs From the Book” Eric Van der Westen’s Quadrant (EVW)

“Be.Bob” Bob Seghers (Via Records

“Four Brothers” Vandoorn (Via Records)

“Dutz” Gé Bijvoet (Dutz)

as a composer/arranger

“September Sessions”The Brussels Jazz Orchestra (De Werf)


as a sideman

“Dust Makes Damage” BL!NDMAN (RCA Victor/BMG)

“Diepkloof” Eric Van der Westen’s Quadrant (HLM)


as a sideman / composer

“Wanderlust” Paolo Fresu (RCA Victor/BMG)

as a sideman

“Into Pieces” Erik Vermeulen Icarus Consort (Igloo)

“The Believers” Lindsey Horner Quartet (Koch Records)

as a composer, arranger

“Live” The Brussels Jazz Orchestra (VRT)


as a leader, composer

“Eleven” Erwin Vann Trio (Carbon 7)

as a sideman

“Intensive Act” Félix Simtaine (Igloo)

as a sideman, composer, arranger
“Towards The Light” Castellucci Stringtet (Quetzal)

as a studio musician, soloist

“Madness & The Truth” Arjun (Verlag Acanthus)


as a sideman

“Mercy Angel” Lindsey Horner (UpShot)


as a sideman

“Hautes Fagnes” Pirly Zurstrassen Septet (Igloo)

“Medor Sadness” Fabien Degryse (Edition Collage)

“Working Dreamer” Eric Van der Westen (BV Haast)

as a studio musician, soloist

“Carpe Diem” Isabelle Antena (Crepuscule)


as a leader, composer

“Some Sounds” Erwin Vann Trio (Jazz Club / September Records)

as a sideman

“NY Stories” Jeanfrançois Prins (GAM)

“Quadruplex” Fabien Degryse

as a studio musician, soloist

“Les Derniers Geurriers Romantiques” Isabelle Antena (Crepuscule)

“Moon To Your Sun” David Linx (Crepuscule)

“Appoach” Bernard L’Hoir (Selection)

“Où vas tu berger” Christian Merveille

as a composer

“Picture A View” Frank Vaganée (B-Sharp)-


as a studio musician, soloist

“9/9/99 Monde Neuf” Julos Beaucarne (Baillemont Productions)

“Ma Langue Au Chat” Christian Merveille (Sowarex)

“Mainstream” Johnny Dover Sax Combination (JDSC)


as a studio musician, soloist

“Music Hall” Claude Semal (Sowarex)


as a sideman

“H” Pirly Zurstrassen Septet (Igloo)


as a sideman

“The North Sea Jazz Tentet” Jack Van Poll/Hein Van de Geyn (September)


as a sideman

“Extrèmes” Act Big Band & Guests (Igloo-Amplitude)

as a composer

“Solid Steps” Joe Lovano (JazzClub / September Records)