The Beauty Of Nature

Updated 16 March 2018

Recorded some new music in Montreal last month with YUL, one of my favourite projects with Pierre Tanguay on drums and Michel Mergaerts on electric bass, myself on tenor saxophone. Soon to be released. We're working on the cover artwork right now.

I got so inspired recording music again after many years of inactivity, that I immediately booked some studio time to record a solo project with meditative music, next month. I'm starting to draw the outlines of the improvisations-to-be. Thinking about a Meditation Series of several recordings.

The organisation of the once-per-month yoga classes and sound massages in Padova, Italy, is coming along well. A first weekend will be held on April 21 & 22. I'll soon create events on this website and on social media. You'll all be invited.

Yep, still learning Italian. It's a slow process, and I'm enjoying it. Slow is good.

My intention to live in Southern Europe before the end of the year is starting to bear it's fruits. Things are becoming clearer and opportunities are starting to manifest. More details will follow once the energy starts to materialise. I'm so much looking forward living in a natural environment, a slower life, enjoying clean air and soft sounds, practicing music, and continue to offer yoga related activities and services. I'm planning to create possibilities to teach and interact online.

I realise how important it is to take time for personal practice... If you don't see much activity on this site and related social media, or don't hear from me for a while, know that I'm resting, reading, walking, breathing, practicing meditation, playing the saxophone and the harmonium, recording, working on my voice, doing some forward bends and inversions, ... Don't hesitate to reach out though! I'm always happy to hear from you :-)

Eknath Erwin Vann